During the fall 2021 semester, I'm at the University of Maryland, College Park, iSchool as a Visiting Associate Professor. I'm working directly with the Trace Research & Development Center.

My research interests focus on the implications that web accessibility and interface usability can have on industry, education, employment, public policy and societal inclusion. Some broader areas of my research interests include human computer interaction, inclusive design, and usable security/privacy. Some types of research I'm involved in include:

Accessibility and usability research and consulting that is designed to inform and provide data to businesses, institutions, developers, policymakers. Examples of this include investigating conformance to standards related to interface design for people of all abilities (such as web sites, blog interfaces, banking and finance interfaces, email applications, and social networking interfaces), investigating the societal impact of inaccessible web sites and unequal accommodations, such as pricing discrimination and employment discrimination, and finding ways to increase employment opportunities through accessible technology. I am currently partnering with My Blind Spot (NYC-based non-profit organization) on work to increase digital accessibility and ensure equal access to employment, education, recreation, and independent living.

Research involving the development and evaluation of new interface designs for use by a broader population of users than existing designs. Examples of this research include improved web-based calendaring for blind users, a web-based training app for a non-profit organization, and more accessible security features and human interaction proofs.

Service-learning projects that assist non-profit organizations, advocacy organizations or the local community. Examples of these projects include web site design, accessibility evaluations, inclusive design training, and usability testing for non-profit organizations.

Prior to becoming a faculty member, I spent over eight years in industry positions, and I also obtained a variety of professional certifications. I try to help students understand computing and information systems principles through lectures, but I attempt to use applied labs or assignments whenever appropriate. I frequently provide research opportunities for interested students, so if you are an undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in working on a research or service learning project, please review my publications page, and set up a time to meet with me. Every semester I work with undergraduate and graduate students who are dedicated and motivated towards expanding their learning opportunities beyond the classroom in a way that will have an impact on their education, their future career, and graduate school opportunities.