Advising and Scheduling Information (Accounting)

This information is for students who are in the Accounting program. Group advising sessions are always held each semester for Accounting students. For additional internship information, please review the College of Business internship information page. If you are requesting official transcripts for graduate school or job requirements, you can order the transcripts online. If you are transferring courses, I always recommend verifying the transfer by starting with your advisor first. For a general idea of what might transfer, consult the course equivalencies database, but verify before planning to transfer a course or taking a course elsewhere. You should also verify the transfer possibilities prior to taking a CLEP or AP exam.

Scheduling information

Make sure that you meet all of the General Education, GPA (2.0), and credit minimum (120) requirements if you are planning to graduate. The Degree Audit tool that can be found on the My Ship portal is very helpful with determining your status towards graduation.

You should not schedule fewer than 15 credits if your plan is to graduate within a four year time period. You should also keep track of any required future courses that might only be offered in the fall or spring. If you are requesting an override for a course (or to be added to a wait-list) within the College of Business, you can use the online request form.

Declaring a major or changing a major

Declaring or changing a major should be completed by students using the online declaration of major form.

Accounting Program Requirements

The Accounting program consists of 6 core, required courses and 1 Accounting elective:

ACC306 Tax Accounting(SP)
ACC310 Intermediate Accounting I(F/SP)
ACC311 Intermediate Accounting II(SP)
ACC312 Cost Determination & Analysis(F&SP)
ACC404 Auditing(F)
*ELECT. 1 Accounting Elective
MIS300 Info. Tech. & Bus Oper. (F&SP Free Elect.)

Accounting Program Electives

Currently approved Accounting program electives include the following:

ACC401 Advanced Accounting
ACC406 Advanced Tax Accounting
ACC412 Advanced Cost Analysis & Control
ACC490 Selected Topics in Accounting

Additional information about the program, Accounting club, program news, and the Accounting faculty is located on the Accounting Program webpage.

College of Business Core Requirements

There are a number of core requirements as part of any major in the College of Business. The latest forms and information on those requirements can be found on the College of Business Forms webpage. Other forms, such as Transfer Credit and Override forms can also be located on that webpage. The required Business courses are the following:

  • BSN 101 (Foundations of Business Administration)
  • ECO 113 (Principles of Economics), which also satisfies a Gen. Ed. Category D course
  • MAT 140 (College Algebra) with a grade of "C" or higher or free elective for students not required to take MAT 140
  • MIS 142 (Business Computer Systems)
  • MAT 181 (Applied Calculus)
  • ACC 200 (Fundamentals of Financial Accounting)
  • ACC 201 (Managerial Accounting)
  • SCM 200 (Statistical Applications in Business)
  • ECO 280 (Managerial Economics)
  • BSL 261 (American Legal Environment)
  • MKT 305 (Principles of Marketing)
  • MGMT 305 (Organizational Behavior)
  • FIN 311 (Financial Management)
  • SCM 330 (Supply Chain and Operations Management)
  • MGMT 447 (Business and Society)
  • MGMT 497 (Strategic Management)

*Note that some of the above courses may have prerequisite requirements (refer to the College of Business forms page or the catalog).

5-year BSBA/MBA Program in Accounting

Another option for Accounting students is the 5 year BSBA/MBA program that not only fulfills the 150 credit hour requirement to take the CPA exam but also provides an opportunity to receive an MBA.

General Education Requirements

Undergraduates are required to take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours in the following areas: Writing Competency (ENG 114 or 110), Communications (HCS 100), Math Competency (see the undergraduate catalog or your advisor for specific math courses for your major), and HIS 105 and 106.

An additional 33 credits from five categories of knowledge (A, B, C, D, E) must also be completed. Restrictions and other information about the General Education requirements can be found on the General Education Requirements webpage.