Students involved in Past Research Projects:

Kristopher Bittle, undergraduate (FSU-CS)
Danielle Borisovsky, undergraduate (Ship-MIS)
Robin Cheng, undergraduate (FSU-IT)
Matthew Cirba, undergraduate (KC-IT)
Emily (Aidan) Dickson, undergraduate (FSU-CS)
Belinda Eigen, undergraduate (Ship-Soc)
Erin Feaser, undergraduate (Ship-MIS, FIN)
Oluwadamilola Gbenro, graduate (FSU-CS)
Matthew Geiger, undergraduate (FSU-CS)
Dylan Hidey, undergraduate (FSU-IT)
Edwin Holandez, undergraduate (FSU-CS)
Nirajan Kharal, undergraduate (KC-IT)
John Moran, undergraduate (KC-IT)
Justin Null, undergraduate (Ship-MIS)
Warren Skinner, undergraduate (FSU-IT)
Michael Slate, undergraduate (KC-IT)
Dylan Smith, undergraduate (Ship-MIS)
James Smith, undergraduate (Ship-MIS)
Jordan Swogger, undergraduate (FSU-IT)
Andrew Thompson, undergraduate (Ship-MIS)
Kailee Tressler, undergraduate (Ship-MIS)
Andrew Ramsey, graduate (FSU-CS)
Patricia Vickers, undergraduate (FSU-IT)
Allison Wilson, undergraduate (Ship-ACC, MIS)

Students Interested in Undergraduate or Graduate Research

If you an undergraduate or graduate student interested in taking your computing and technology experience further by participating in a research project, stop by to talk with me or send me an email. I'm always interested in working with reliable, motivated students who are interested in working on research or service learning projects. This is an excellent way to gain additional experience in different areas of computing and looks great on your resume!